John Candy's daughter shares stories about family road trips

TORONTO — The daughter of late Canadian star John Candy entertained an audience at a Los Angeles comedy club last week with memories of her famous father.

Jennifer Candy, 34, took the mic at the Westside Comedy Theater’s “Virgin Sacrifice,” a monthly show where non-comics try doing stand-up.

Born in Toronto, she has lived since 1986 in California, where she currently works as a producer and actress.

According to LA Weekly, Candy talked about a road trip from Los Angeles to Toronto that her father was determined to complete in four days. Along the way, somewhere in Canada, the Planes, Trains and Automobiles star was pulled over for speeding.

She recalled the situation escalating and the family was taken to a police station, where they were detained for several hours.

Candy said her father happily posed for pictures and signed autographs for every officer at the station.

During another road trip, the Candys stopped at a diner outside Denver and witnessed a family shoplifting souvenirs from the gift shop.

“If you ever want to go on a road trip with the Candys, be prepared for weird sh** to happen,” Candy said.

The audience, which included Candy’s mother Rosemary and brother Christopher, gave her monologue “roaring applause,” LA Weekly reported.

John Candy died March 4, 1994 after suffering a heart attack during filming of Wagons East! in Mexico. He was 43.

Born in Newmarket, Ont., he started performing at Toronto’s The Second City before starring on SCTV and going on to make movies like Uncle Buck, Stripes and Cool Runnings.

Jennifer Candy was only 14 when her father passed away.

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