9 things we want to see in the 'Downton Abbey' movie

Ever since British drama Downton Abbey ended on Christmas Day 2015, we’ve been getting a hankering for sassy side-eye, luxurious period costumes and endless intellectual bickering.

Some of that emptiness has been filled by the news that the Downton Abbey movie adaptation will be starting up production next year, as per NBCUniversal.

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“We are working on getting the script right, and then we’ve got to figure out how to get the together,” said Michael Edelstein, president at NBCUniversal International Studios. “Because as you know, people go on and do other things. But we’re hopeful to make a movie sometime next year.”

With that in mind, we tried to enter the fan hivemind to divine what might take place in the Downton Abbey movie. Here’s a little wish list for what we’d love to see.

More Dowager Countess badassery

It’s tough to deny that Maggie Smith’s witty rejoinders and remarks steal scenes on a regular basis. In the movie, all we ask is that the Dowager Countess gets an ample amount of sarcasm in there.

A happy life for Edith

Poor Edith finally got some respite at the end of the series when she married Herbert Pelham and became a mother to Marigold. But Edith so often gets the worst of everything, so isn’t it about time that she wins the lottery, or maybe lands an amazing job… or at least has something more than Mary has already?

George Crawley and Sybbie Branson, all grown up

Admit it: we all have a fascination with watching kids grow up. Royals fans, especially. Think about when any new photos of (real-life) Prince George and Princess Charlotte pop up — it’s no coincidence that they’re some of the most popular photos on the internet.

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A chance for Lady Mary to really show her true colours

We know Mary can be harsh, cutting and ruthless, so imagine if she could transfer those skills to a lucrative career? Oh, the things she could do.

An outright servant rebellion at the Abbey

No bloodshed, no deaths, but a servant rebellion is just what Downton Abbey needs. There’s not enough action in the house, and it could also mean that the servants get better treatment and more vacation time, among other perks.

Anna and Bates have a child

Say it with us: “Awwww.”

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Another new dog is introduced to the Abbey

Toward the end of the series, Robert was presented with a new puppy as a gift — a golden, natch. Depending on how far ahead in time this movie takes place, it would be great to see yet another adorable canine traipsing about the Abbey.

A look at Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding

This was another cute love story, painstakingly dragged out over multiple seasons. Pay us back, scriptwriters, for all that energy we put into it.

Some justice for Mrs. Patmore

Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing Mrs. Patmore receive some long-lost family inheritance, or another influx of money. Then everyone in the Abbey would have to call her Lady Patmore.

There is no projected date for the Downton Abbey movie release. Until it’s confirmed, we’ll have to be satisfied with making up more plotlines.

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