'I almost called off my wedding': Bride and groom say they were scammed by wedding planner

ABOVE: A Winnipeg couple has had to hit the restart button on wedding planning just two months before their wedding after they said their wedding planner scammed them and left them in the hole for over $3,000. Global’s Zahra Premji reports.

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba couple is out thousands of dollars just months before their big wedding day.

Skye Auger and Tim Butler were engaged two years ago and worked long hours to save up for their big day coming up in August. The couple said they just wanted to have their fairy tale wedding come true and thought they would have it. But, just last week they realized the money they were giving their wedding planner wasn’t being put towards the vendors.

“Me and Tim, we don’t have parents. We did everything on our own,” Auger said.

Auger claimed her wedding planner, Arvilene Rodridguez with Blake Audrey Event Planning, took her money for the cake and decorations, but didn’t secure anything she was supposed to. Auger claims, and Rodriguez admitted, she was over charged for the wedding cake as well.

“Everything she was in charge of and had to handle, it wasn’t handled,” Auger said.

The bride said the couple is now in the hole at least $3,000.

But what’s worse is that the couple now has to start from scratch when their wedding is just two months away.

In a phone call between Auger and Rodriguez, Rodriguez expressed her apologies for not following through with her duties. But, she wasn’t able to explain why she didn’t put the money towards the vendors she had promised to the bride and groom.

Rodriguez did tell Global News she has every intention of paying the couple back when she has the money.

“I want to pay them back. I did make a proposal to them for me to pay them back,” Rodriguez said.

Whether they do eventually get the money back or not, the couple said they have less than two months to scramble together and put their entire wedding together from scratch. This means they have found themselves having to repay vendors, find new vendors, and pay extra to secure vendors at the last minute.

“All together my cake cost me $600 something dollars on a $200 something dollar cake,” Auger said.



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