British bookies taking bets on name of William and Kate’s 3rd royal baby

WATCH: Prince William and Kate expecting a third child

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced on Monday they would be having their third child and it didn’t take long for British bookmakers to start taking bets on anything from the weight of the child, to the name, to the time and date of birth.

With the Royal couple already having a boy (George) and a girl (Charlotte), it appears bettors are expecting a girl this time as the female names appear to have slightly lower odds than males.

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British bookmaker William Hill has Alice as the most likely name for the Royal baby with 10-1 odds while Arthur is the favourite for a boy at 12-1.

That said, it is a close bet (10-11) on William Hill’s website whether you expect it to be a bouncing baby boy or girl.

Victoria (12-1), Alexandra (14-1), Elizabeth (14-1), and Grace (14-1) follow Alice as the favourite girl’s names.

Frederick (14-1), James (14-1), Phillip (14-1) and Albert (16-1) round out the top 5 boy’s names with the best odds.

Diana, the name of Prince William’s deceased mother, checks in at 20-1.

Rival British bookmaker Paddy Power has similar odds, tying Diana’s name as a possibility given the timing of the announcement which is close to the 20th anniversary of her death.

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William and Kate took a leading role in commemorating Diana’s death last week. The couple, joined by Prince Harry, toured the garden of Kensington Palace to remember the princess’s contributions to their family and the many charities she supported.

“Given the recent anniversary, there’ll be plenty of interest in the name Diana if the baby is a girl,” Paddy Power said.

A batch of traditional British Royal names are among the next most likely names according to bettors until you get to some longshots. Donald and Piers check in at 100-1, no doubt on the list because of U.S. President Donald Trump and British newsman/Twitter troll Piers Morgan.

Then it gets even weirder. You are likely throwing your money away if you gamble on Chardonnay, Posh and Waynetta which all check in at 500-1.


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