Ontario reveals top 20 baby names of the year

Here are the top names for girls and boys for the first half of 2017, according to Nameberry.

After five years as the most popular name for baby boys in Ontario, Liam has now slipped to second place and Benjamin has taken over the top spot.

That’s according to the provincial government’s annual list of Ontario’s most popular baby names, which is based on 2016 birth registry data.

Top baby names of 2017 include new entries for boys and girls

While there was a shake up on the boys’ side, Olivia remains the most popular name for baby girls. It’s been No. 1 since 2008.

The popularity of Olivia doesn’t stop at the province’s borders, with the name placing first on Nameberry‘s top names for 2017, and second on the list released by parenting information site BabyCenter.

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Benjamin, however, did not crack the Top 10 on either website. Liam appears in the second slot on the BabyCenter list and came in thirty-third on Nameberry.

Lincoln — the seventeenth most popular name for Ontario boys — is appearing on the Top 20 list for the first time. The provincial government says it’s also seen an increase in names related to the royal family, such as Elizabeth, Margaret and Winston.

The top 20 boys and girls names in Ontario for 2016

1. Benjamin and Olivia

2. Liam and Emma

3. Noah and Charlotte

4. Ethan and Ava

5. Lucas and Sophia

6 William and Abigail

7. Jacob and Emily

8 Oliver and Amelia

9 James and Mia

10. Logan and Isabella

11. Nathan and Ella

12. Alexander/Owen and Chloe

13. Jack and Evelyn

14. Mason and Hannah

15. Daniel and Grace

16. Jackson and Aria

17. Lincoln and Avery

18. Adam and Lily

19. Aiden and Isla

20. Gabriel and Sofia


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