Fighting snakes fall through ceiling into bedroom of family’s Australia home

ABOVE: Fighting snakes crash through ceiling of Australian family’s home.

An Australian family was forced to seek some professional assistance after two snakes came crashing through the ceiling of their home and carried on with their fight late Sunday night.

A pair of pythons tumbled through a Brisbane family’s ceiling prompting the family to call Snake Catchers Brisbane, who captured the snakes in “combat” for several minutes.

Lana Field was called to the home to remove the carpet pythons, but not before sharing the ordeal live on Facebook.

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“People often mistake this as mating but it is combat,” Field said. “They wrap around each other wrestling, to compete to see who is the strongest and that will give them the right to pursue the female that’s obviously in the area.”

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The snake catcher explained the males most likely caught the scent a female nearby, which led the snakes onto the roof of the home, subsequently crashing through the ceiling.

“This pair has been a bit naughty,” Field explained. “As you can see we are in a vacant bedroom and you can see the duct cover, because they have pushed their way through from the ceiling.”

The snake catcher described the pythons as being “evenly matched” for the fight as they were a “small-average size for this area, about 1.75 metres each.”

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“They can continue like this for hours,” Field said of the fight. “Until one is exhausted, feels like he’s never going to win the battle, get on top, then he’ll leave.”

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Field stopped recording the fighting reptiles after about five minutes, before capturing them and removing the pair from the home.

The snakes were relocated to a “bushy creek a couple of kilometres away” from the home.

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