There Was Finally a Double-Eviction on Big Brother 20!

KOLTER: Who has been your biggest competition this season, physically, mentally, and emotionally?

HALEIGH: Physically – Tyler or Kaycee

Mentally – I think Brett is very intelligent

Emotionally – I think Angela has the upper hand over me. She is much more emotionally stable than I am.

Does your eviction sting any less because you’re going out with another houseguest?

For sure. That was the one thing I was thinking. There is another person following me shortly so maybe no one will remember I left.

What are you most proud of this season and do you have any unfinished business (besides winning)?

I am most proud with how far I made it. I would consider how far I made it in this game something to be proud of for sure. I don’t have any unfinished business. I’m so grateful for the whole experience that there is really nothing I can consider unfinished other than leaving with the check but there is only one winner.

If you could go back to Day One, what’s something you would tell yourself and something you would not?

Something I would tell myself would be don’t play too hard too fast. I would tell myself not to leave with regrets.

Before your eviction, you begged houseguests not to send you “to that house with Rockstar.” What specifically are you dreading?

BRETT: Meeting in the house with Rockstar and Faysal and all of their alliance that I had a vital hand in sending there.

Do you think your game will change as you become part of the jury?

Yes. Absolutely. If had been knocked out by anyone else, I would have wanted Tyler to win. Now, I don’t want Tyler to win.

Which houseguests would you love to see make it the furthest?

I would like to see JC or Kaycee. Both have played the game, so one of those two. As much as I’d love Sam to win on a personal level, I don’t think she has played that much of a game.

If you could relive a single moment of this season, what would it be?

I would say one of the funnest moments was after the sweet shot HOH, when we were jumping around in the ball pit. That was one of the funnest moments.

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