London Middlesex Housing Corp. yet to finalize new marijuana policy

While those who live in public housing in St. Thomas-Elgin will be barred from growing or smoking cannabis in their units, there’s currently no policy at all in London-Middlesex.

City of London employees won’t be barred from recreational cannabis use while off-duty

With legalization less than a week away, the CEO of the London Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC) says they’re in no rush.

“People already smoke cannabis,” Josh Browne told 980 CFPL.

“We don’t know if this is going to cause more people to smoke, but we absolutely have to have those conversations and take all the information that we do have and learn from other jurisdictions.”

Marijuana still illegal until federal bill kicks in, London police chief says

In addition to consultations with tenants, he added that LMHC needs to figure out the impact on insurance.

“We don’t expect but we don’t know at this point,” he began.

“We do know that there will likely be increased costs because if people want to grow plants it does take a significant amount of cost to do that, including electricity.”

Browne would not definitively say whether or not they’re considering a ban.

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