Canadians explain what Timbits are to oblivious Americans

Canadians are having to explain to their southern neighbours what Timbits are, thanks to social media.

On Wednesday, the hashtag #OtherUsesForTimbits began to trend on Twitter, with many Canadians suggesting other uses for the Canadian delicacy.

“As a measurement to gauge the size of hail,” a fellow Canuck suggested.

“Juggling,” Canada’s handyman Mike Holmes said.

“Party themed decorative cakes,” reads another overzealous suggestion.

Though Tim Hortons has a small presence in the U.S. compared to the Great White North, many Americans were being schooled on Twitter as to what the heck Canadians were going on aboot.

“Is that like a Fitbit?” A Florida resident asked.

“Googles Timbit in a panic,” a Jersey Shore resident admitted.

“WTF is a Timbit?!?” A Kansas native asked.

Canucks chimed in, explaining what the bits of dough are all about.

“They’re the reason we don’t need to make Canada Great Again. Because we have Timbits, we’ve been great all along,” reads a comment.

“Doughnut holes rolled in sugar,” reads another.

“Deliciousness,” another Canadian simply put.

Will Americans now have to explain what Munchkins are?

Here’s a look at more reaction.

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