We've got sad news to report about Luke Bryan's newly adopted senior dog.

We’ve got sad news to report about Luke Bryan’s newly adopted senior dog, Poochie.

First, the good part of the tale.

For those that missed the story, Luke Bryan & his family recently adopted an 18 year old senior dog who had been surrendered by his family, after an allergy developed.


Now, the sad part of the story.  Poochie has passed away.


I’m literally choking back tears as I write this blog, thinking about this adorable animal not being with his long-term family till the end of his sweet life.   Having said that, it brings me tears of joy to think that Poochie had an amazing rest of his days, surrounded by the love of the Bryan family.

RIP Poochie.  You’re safe now.

Adopt.  Don’t shop.  I’ve got 2 rescue dogs at home, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

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