Man who taunted neighbour with naked mannequin ‘party’ has 2 ‘guests’ stolen

Remember the man in California who taunted his neighbour by hosting a naked mannequin “party” amid a fence dispute? Well two of his “guests” have been stolen.

Early last week, Jason Windus made headlines around the globe after he decided to throw a “party” with a bunch of naked mannequins in his yard, taunting a neighbour who had called city officials and complained about the height of a fence.

The man decided to build a six-foot-high fence around his property so he could allow his dogs to roam in the backyard, and hopefully increase the property value.

However, a neighbour of his decided to leave an anonymous tip with the city, saying the fence was against bylaws.

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Windus told 6ABC News that he received a letter from the City of Santa Rosa notifying him of a zoning infraction, noting the fence was too high and was blocking the corner of an intersection. The letter made him “freak out.”

So, Windus dialed up a buddy and asked him to come over with a chainsaw so they could lop off a section of fence to expose the corner of the property, meeting zoning codes. Then Windus threw a party.

“I guess the average person would get angry… I throw a naked party in my yard,” he explained.

Photos and video of the “party” show two male and two female dummies wearing their birthday suits, seated on some patio furniture. Another female mannequin is standing with its arms raised with shamrocks covering its plastic breasts.

In this photo taken Monday, March 18, 2019, a woman stops to photograph a display of mannequins in Santa Rosa, Calif.

In this photo taken Monday, March 18, 2019, a woman stops to photograph a display of mannequins in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Kent Porter/The Press Democrat via AP

The man also posted a sign saying a seat was reserved at the party “for the nosey neighbour that complained about my fence to the city.”

Fast-forward to Thursday morning: Windus awoke to find two of his fake, plastic “guests” had apparently been stolen.

Speaking to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Windus said he heard a ruckus late Wednesday night but just assumed in was “some kids having fun” near his property. However, he told the newspaper he believes some kids made off with one of his mannequins. The next morning another female “guest” was AWOL. Well, expect for a plastic right leg, which was found abandoned on the sidewalk outside his home.

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Windus told the newspaper he hasn’t reported the theft of his “party” guests to police because the cops are “busy with important crimes, saving lives and stuff.”

“Although a ‘missing mannequin report’ would be hilarious,” the man joked.

Windus said he doesn’t feel defeated by the theft of the mannequins because he went back into his storage and brought out a few more.

“I added three to the party, so now I’m up to seven,” he said, noting that he had placed an online order to get a few more plastic friends.

“They should be here on Monday,” Windus said.

Good times.

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