'Unfortunately, in the 'Big Brother' game, I got played,' says evicted house guest

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother.

It all came down to one single vote last week on Big Brother, with Jackson Michie having all the power.

Michie earned the sole vote to evict either Cliff Hogg or his showmance partner Holly Allen.

“I’ve been burned in life. I’ve been burned in this game. And I’m at a point in my life where I’ve come to learn that the moment I feel things are not mutually reciprocated that my loyalty is also severed, and I felt as if I had to do everything and anything necessary to protect my own game and protect Holly’s,” Michie said to the other three house guests.

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“As much as this decision kills me, I’m glad I’m able to look everyone in this house in the eyes when I make it. I love y’all and I ultimately have to do what is best for my game. And like you said, that is adapting to your environment and as much as this kills me, Cliff, I’m sorry. I vote to evict you.”

Hogg was sent to the jury house to join Tommy Bracco, Jack Matthews, Kathryn Dunn, Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy.

Global News spoke with Hogg about his eviction from the house.

Global News: What happened? Why did you get evicted?
Cliff Hogg: Because I trusted the wrong person. I had many conversations over the season with Michie about trust, honour, integrity and the value of a handshake. Unfortunately, in the Big Brother game, I got played.

Who’s running the house right now and how are they doing it?
I would have to say that Michie is running the house right now and unfortunately, I think he is doing it through physical domination and a little bit through mental intimidation. He is a very forceful personality.

Who’s the hardest person to live with and why?
Definitely Michie. Although we worked together, his personality was very hot and cold. He was loud, sometimes very boisterous, egotistical and not always the easiest person to be around.

Any regrets about your gameplay?
Absolutely. I always said that I was an imperfect playing an imperfect game and I just have to accept that. But my biggest regret will be keeping Holly over Tommy.





Analyse (Sis)


Jessica and Christie 


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