Colder-than-usual November expected for London

London is in for a nippy November as frost begins to settle on the leaves of the Forest City.

Global News Radio 980 CFPL weather specialist John Wilson said the high for a day in early November usually floats around 9 C.

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“Instead, we’re going to have a tough time just making it to 1 C or 2 C or 3 C the next couple of weeks,” Wilson said.

“All of this comes with some lake effect flurries — the question is how much.”

The cold November air is expected to arrive in London in three separate waves, according to Wilson.

“The first wave is now, the second wave comes Sunday, Monday into Tuesday and then a third wave later next week,” he said.

“All of them are going to have temperatures barely above freezing.”

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The cold weather also calls for timely vehicle maintenance, according to the owner of Hanford’s Tire and Service.

Jeremy Hanford said his auto shops have been swamped with Londoners looking to apply weather-appropriate treads.

“A lot of our clients actually book their winter tire appointments in September and early October … they’ve really come to see the increase in people putting snow tires on ,” Hanford said.

Winter preparation requires more than just a seasonal tire change. Hanford said drivers should always make sure to have a snow brush handy along with an emergency kit that includes blankets, candles and booster cables.

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Washer fluids will need to be topped up, a good set of wiper blades is a must, and Hanford adds that having enough anti-freeze will be essential to keeping a vehicle’s heating system healthy.

The tire expert also recommends keeping an eye on vehicle batteries.

“With the extreme cold temperatures, that’s where they’re going to let you down so having your battery tested when you get tires put on … is really a smart thing to do at this time of year,” he said.

Environment Canada forecasts London’s high will reach 4 C on Wednesday with an overnight low of 2 C.

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