Boy invites entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing

ABOVE: 'The class is kind of my family' Boy invites kindergarten class to his adoption ceremony

It was a party for one young boy’s adoption hearing in Michigan on Thursday.

Michael Orlando Clark Jr. was over the moon to be adopted by his forever family.

He was so excited, in fact, that he invited his entire kindergarten class to be there to help him celebrate.

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In a photo shared by Grand Rapids-based reporter James Starks, Clark can be seen posing with his crew of classmates, who are beaming and holding up bright red hearts attached to wooden sticks.

In another, his peers sit on chairs in the courtroom, watching the hearing. In front of them, Clark is smartly-dressed in a button-up shirt and bow tie for his big day.

Starks told Global News that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

The Michigan Supreme Court took to Twitter to congratulate the boy, who Starks says is around the “kindergarten age” of five.

“So glad he got to share his special day! #AdoptionEqualsLove,” they wrote.

Love was certainly in the courthouse that day, and not just for the little boy joining his new family.

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Clark was one of 36 other children who were adopted in Kent County during the 23rd annual Adoption Day.

The event, put on by the Family Division of the Circuit Court in Kent County, was also visited by Santa Claus, who made sure to greet each family and child.

Other local organizations, like the Grand Rapids Police Department and the Post Adoption Resource Center, were all involved in the day, too.

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