Country 104 & James Barker Band team up to help with a listener proposal.

This past week at Country 104, I received an email from listener Ryan McDonald.  He wrote:

“Weaver.  This weekend I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend, and was hoping you could help me out?

I’m want to get a song played at a particular time 5:15pm on Saturday.  Chills by James Barker Band.

We’re heading to my girlfriend Zandalee’s work Christmas party around that time, and we always leave Country 104 on for the dogs while we’re gone.”.


Of course I said we could help.

So on Saturday, I came in on my day off, and Ryan gave me the thumbs up just after 5pm.

Listen here to find out exactly what happened, but just so you know…





Congratulations Ryan and Zandalee, and thanks for allowing Country 104 to be a small part of your love.


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