Kansas Stone talk the star-studded country music lineup in "Together We're Strong" music video.

Please tell me you’ve seen the new Kansas Stone music video for “Together We’re Strong”?!?!

Some backstory first, before we post the clip below.

Supporting Unison Benevolent Fund, the song features performances from some of our favourite Canadian country music performers:  Alee, Cory Marks, Aaron Pritchett, Alli Walker, Ches Anthony, Danielle Bourjeaurd, Dani Strong, Jason McCoy & Clayton Bellamy (of The Road Hammers), Chris Buck, The Heels, Jason Blaine, Dustin Bird, Aaron Allen & Chrystal Leigh (of Sons Of Daughters).

Not only that, but the video itself features cameos from (but not limited too):   The Washboard Union, Gord Bamford, Beverly Mahood, Jason Benoit, Chris Labelle, Tom Cochrane, Kelly Prescott,  Nice Horse, Vanessa Marie Carter, Kelsi Mayne, River Town Saints… ****DEEP BREATHE***… Genevieve Fisher, Patricia Conroy, Ty Baynton, Patrick James Clark, Kris Barclay, Matt Weaver (Country  104), Brooklyn Roebuck, Buck Twenty, Jessie T, David Boyd Janes AND FINALLY Lincoln (dog).

Check it out.


Brian John Harwood of Kansas Stone talked about the project on Country 104 this week.  Listen to the full conversation here.

Great work everyone!

Learn more about Unison Benevolent Fund, and how you can support artists, here.

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