Fire extinguishers for Cindy

An alleged drunk driver took the life of Cindy Devine earlier this year, in an entirely preventable accident.

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Family & friends of Cindy Devine will not allow her memory to die in vain.  The family is hoping to keep Cindy’s memory alive with a proposed “Cindy’s Law” that would require fire extinguishers in vehicles to prevent tragedies like the one Cindy faced on the day she died.

The family has launched a YouTube video this past week to memorialize Cindy, and to promote their plan.

From the video description, Tony Bendel writes:

On October 2nd 2020 at 5:20pm, Cindy Devine was on her way to work in London Ontario from St. Thomas. As she got to the Glanworth Rd area a pickup truck that was heading south crossed the centre line and hit Cindy head on. The 23yr old male driving the truck was impaired. People at the scene tried so hard to get Cindy out of her vehicle & she told them that her leg was pinned but as they tried ever so hard to free her the car caught fire and forced them all back. Because of an impaired driver Cindy lost her life that day. She was only 35yrs old. Her 1st Wedding Anniversary was Oct 31st. She leaves behind her husband Richard, 4yr old son & 11yr old daughter. Since this horrific day people have been calling for everyone to install or carry a “Fire Extinguisher” in their vehicle. Cindy was a friend that I have known for a lot of years and I knew I needed to do this for her. I contacted the St. Thomas Fire Department and asked the Chief Fire Prevention Officer if we could make a video in regards to Fire Extinguishers and he said absolutely. So this coming Wed, The Chief Fire Prevention Officer Bill Todd & myself will be going to the Malahide Fire Station on Imperial Rd and we will be filming a campaign video to get everyone to carry a fire extinguisher in their vehicles. #extinguishersforcindy #cindysLaw #cindyslaw


You can watch the full video below.



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