Brett Kissel goes dark on social media?

Canadian country music star Brett Kissel has gone silent on social media, and as one of the most active social media country stars we know, it’s easy to notice his absence.

We do know that Brett took a break because he wants some down time, and a chance to focus on himself & his familyy.

Check out Brett’s note to fans, his last post on social media, over a week ago.

May I just point something out really quickly?

According to Brett Kissel:

I’m trying to make a life… not a livin’…

I’m going to go LIVE these lyrics…

I’ll see you back here 03.05.2021…


I find that particular part of the post very intersting… don’t they kind of sound like song lyrics to you?

If they ARE song lyrics, they’re not from any Brett Kissel song that I’m aware of.

Am I missing something?  Or is this a very clever music tease in disguise?

Check back with Brett Kissel March 5th to find out.  Or follow his wife Cecilia Kissel on Instagram and maybe you’ll find some clues in her daily interactions with fans.

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