Birthday cards for Ethan!

13 year-old Ethan Shelly recently moved to Delhi, ON in Norfolk County.

As if moving away from friends at that age isn’t hard enough, Ethan is also battling leukemia.

Well, when Officer Sanchuk found out this news, he decided to help.

Officer Sanchuk has initiated another birthday card extravaganza, much like the birthday cards we sent to 5 year-old Sarah Hamby in the Hamilton region, recently.

You can find Ethan’s address below.


Birthday cards for Ethan Shelly can be sent to:

Happy Birthdy Ethan Shelly

134 First Avenue 

Delhi, ON

N4B 1G3 


*** Note:  Ethan’s birthday is May 13th, so make sure you try to mail your card at least a week beforehand.

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