What is "The Worst Country Song of all Time"? We may find out Friday

***UPDATED to reflect the song release Friday morning



What’s the worst country music song of all time?

I’ll wait, we could be here awhile LOL.

To me, the “worst” country music song of all time is entirely subjective.

Having said that, we have a new contender for the title, and this time around, the song is actually looking to sit on the throne.

Country music stars Brantley Gilbert, Toby Keith & Hardy have all been accused at one point or another of having the “worst” country music song ever, and now the trio have joined forces and have been teasing something exciting the last few days on social media.

“The Worst Country Song of all Time” from Brantley Gilbert, Toby Keith & Hardy is available everywhere on Friday June 18th.


According to Toby Keith, “Brantley called me. He toured with us back in the day. He called and asked me if I wanted to be involved with it, and since I’ve been involved with some of the best country songs of all time, I thought it’s fitting that I should be in one of the worst.”.

Hardy adds “So, the day we wrote “The Worst Country Song Of All Time,” I had that title in my notes and I walked in and we threw out a couple of ideas. I said, “Look, I have this stupid idea, but what if we wrote ‘The Worst Country Song Of All Time’ and make everything about it just the most repulsive to a country music fan stuff ever?” It was the most fun we ever had. We thought it would be funny to address ‘the verse is’ and ‘the chorus is.’ There were so many ideas that didn’t make the song, but the first one is, you know, “Trucks are a waste of gas,” and “Every dirt road was meant for paving,” and “I hate beer,” and “I hate honkytonk women.” It was truly one of the most fun writing sessions I’ve ever had. It was a pleasure, and I’m so happy that Brantley had me on it, and I’m excited to see what it does.”.

Just for fun, we’ll ask Country 104 fans what country music song they think is the “worst” of all time today on the show.

Download and request Brantley Gilbert, Hardy & Toby Keith’s new track “The Worst Country Song of all Time” starting tomorrow.

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