Variety Week on Global BC 2021 – Day 2

The sixth annual Variety Week continues Tuesday, highlighting stories from children and families around the province who have been helped by Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Viewers can donate to help kids in B.C. through Variety by calling 310-KIDS or donating online.

And thanks to partnerships with organizations and matching donors from across the province, viewers will have a chance to double their donations throughout the week.  They can also make an automatic $20 contribution by texting KIDS to 45678.

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Here are some of the stories we are sharing on the second day of Variety Week.

Seven-year-old Charleigh has a terminal disease called Batten’s Disease CLN2. To make the most of the precious time they have left with their daughter, Charleigh’s parents required a wheelchair-accessible van. Thanks to Variety’s Sunshine Family Van program, the Vancouver Island family can now do more things together. We spoke with former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan about the importance of accessibility

Variety funding has provided help and support for Indigenous children when government programs have fallen short. Physiotherapist Jocelyn Chandler works primarily in northern isolated indigenous communities and shares some of the struggles First Nations families can have in getting the support they need for their children.

Isaac required AFOs to strengthen his legs and improve his gait. Variety stepped in with a grant to pay for his expensive leg braces when he was very young, which helped Isaac so much that he no longer needs to wear them.

After having surgery to remove a tumor on his hip, Gabriel required physiotherapy to help him regain his strength and balance. To make sure that Gabriel can walk and do all of the things kids love to do, Variety helped fund his extensive physiotherapy sessions.

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