[LISTEN] The new Luke Combs song has a music video, too

Last night, country music superstar Luke Combs won Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards.

Winning the Entertainer of the Year trophy wasn’t the only surprise Luke had in store for fans last night.

Let’s flashback to earlier this week, when Luke Combs promised fans that he would perform an unreleased song last night at the show.


Known for not being able to contain himself when he’s created a new song, Combs was pumped to show off the tune to fans.

He didn’t disappoint.

As promised, the song went live for fans after the performance.

We also got a brand new music video for the track, too.

Are you digging the new tune?  Let us know!

And Luke, if you’re reading this, release the song to Canadian Country Radio asap buddy!  We didn’t get South On Ya… I’m dying over here hahaha

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