Shania Twain Hints At New Music While Sharing Video Inside Studio

Shania Twain is “Still the One” who sure knows how to surprise her fans.

The music superstar stirred up some new music buzz after taking to Twitter to share a video from inside the recording studio.

“Back at it,” she wrote, while captioning the short teaser.


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Speaking on “Home Now Radio” on Apple Music Hits, the “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” singer revealed how she’d like to duet with a former One Direction star.

“I love to sing-along with Harry Styles,” she said. “Harry and I are texting friends. Yes, I’m bragging. No, I’m really a big fan of Harry Styles, and he’s apparently a fan of mine as well.”

Twain continued, “He likes to sing ‘You’re Still The One’, and he performs it sometimes in his show, his live show, which is really cool and a huge compliment. So, thank you Harry. You and I should definitely do a duet together. We could do a version of one of your songs. I love your music. We could do a version of one of my songs, or we could just write a song from scratch and go from there.”


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Complimenting Styles’ unique fashion sense, she added, “One thing that I think is really cool that we share is we like to wear leopard print. You look good in it. Leopard print is a Shania Twain signature print, but Harry Styles can borrow it, of course, because he’s so cute and talented. So yeah, you’ve got my permission. Go ahead. Wear it. Just don’t wear it out.”

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