Meghan Patrick writes sweetest note for fiance Mitchell Tenpenny's album release

Ontario’s own Meghan Patrick is getting married to fellow country music singer Mitchell Tenpenny, and these two couldn’t be any cuter together if they tried.

This past Friday, Mitchell Tenpenny released his new album “The Low Light Sessions”.  You can check out the 8-song EP here.

To celebrate the new record, Mitchell’s fiancee Meghan Patrick wrote the following on her Facebook page.

(We’ve reprinted below the original post)

The Low Light Sessions is out today! I am always proud of you Mitchell, but this record has some truly special songs on it. From the heartfelt, timely, and important message behind “Dear Jesus” to the heartwrenching, raw writing of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (which also includes one of my favorite melodies of any song you’ve written). But, I’d be lying if I said that The Way You Are isn’t the most special, certainly to me. I still can’t believe that someone like you writes love songs about me…
I remember you sitting in our living room and creating that riff on your guitar, playing it over and over and perfecting it until you disappeared into your studio to write that song. It’s not only a testament to the way you know me and love me, but also a testament to what an incredible writer and producer you are… it’s rare you see only one name listed in the songwriter credits in a town that is built on co-writing. You made me cry the first time you ever played it for me, and it still makes me tear up every time I hear it. I love you, and I’m so proud of you for bringing yet another incredible chapter of your artistry to the rest of the world. Y’all do yourselves a favor and put The Low Light Sessions on repeat 🖤
D’awwwww.  So sweet!   Can’t get enough of these two lately.
It appears that Meghan Patrick is in studio right now, recording a song she’s been previewing online & at live shows.

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