Our favourite The Price Is Right games of all time

Television show The Price Is Right is celebrating an incredible run of 50 seasons in 2022.

The show hit the small screen in 1972 and has been delighting audiences, both at home and in studio, ever since.

This week, we found out that The Price Is Right Live, a travelling version of the television classic, would be coming to London, Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens later this year, arriving on Thursday September 22nd.  Tickets for the event go on sale this Friday, May 6th at 10am local time.

You can use this link to purchase tickets or find more information.


The news of The Price Is Right Live coming to London brought back many, many fond memories I have of spending my time with the show.

How many countless hours did I spend during my lunch breaks in high school, playing along with the pricing games and imaging myself as a Showcase winner?  Too many to count, I’m certain, but I swear that those hours weren’t wasted in any means.  The classic program brings an excitement and happiness to viewers and contestants alike, and I was among those people who just couldn’t get enough of the experience.

Here’s a question for you.

What are your favourite The Price Is Right games of all time?

I asked this question of myself this week upon hearing the big news, and below, you can find the short list of my own personal favourite games that I thought deserved to be considered as the best ever.

The following games are currently being used by The Price Is Right, according to their official website.

Honourable Mentions:

Three Strikes

Dice Game

Race Game

Cover Up

Money Game

Hole In One (or Two)

10 Chances

Spelling Bee


Without further ado…

My Top 5 The Price Is Right games: 

#5 – Punch a Bunch

What can I say, I’m a sucker for games that see contestants faced with hard decisions to make during play.  Punch A Bunch has that in spades, as you have to make a tough choice each time you see which card you’ve pulled, and how much money you’ve currently won.  Do you want to wager your $1,000 for a chance at more money, only to find out you’ve only won $500?

Definitely a choice that’s easier to make when sitting on your couch at home.


#4 – Pathfinder

It’s like a video game, an interactive maze AND a pricing game, all-in-one.

What’s not to enjoy?


#3 – One Away

This one is so much fun to play at home.  Some days, I found myself yelling at the television as much as the audience was screaming at the contestant on stage.

With a new car on the line, we needed to know the player could hear us.

Simple to learn, difficult to master, this game was fun every time it appeared on the show.  Throw in the ladies in the back, and the honking car horn that brought both anticipation and dread, this game is flat-out awesome.


#2 – Cliffhanger

This pricing game often appears on lists of the greatest The Price Is Right games of all time.  Sometimes I wonder if we loved the game itself, or maybe the wonderful music that plays while the climber scales the mountain, or if we just loved watching the little man fall to his demise.

I believe it’s a combination of all of the above, and that’s what makes this game an all-timer.


#1 – Plinko

What can I say about Plinko that hasn’t already been said.  Even casual viewers and non-fans alike know this game, and how exciting it can be.

It’s #1 with a bullet, and the most memorable game on The Price Is Right, in my opinion.


What are your favourite The Price Is Right pricing games?  Be sure to let me know before you go.

Don’t forget to buy tickets to see The Price Is Right Live at London’s Budweiser Gardens this Thursday, September 22nd.

If you want to read more The Price Is Right game rankings from other authors, you can find Buzzfeed’s definitive list here, and a list from Ranker here.

You can also enjoy this fun WatchMojo video below.

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