Megan Moroney Won’t ‘Hint At Who My Songs Are About Again’ After Sparking Morgan Wallen Rumours

Megan Moroney has learned her lesson.

Last year, the country singer charted on the Hot 100 with her debut single “Tennessee Orange” and sparked rumours that she was dating fellow country star Morgan Wallen.

In the song, about her discomfort with wearing the local football team colours after moving to Nashville, Moroney sings, “I’m wearing Tennessee orange for him.”

Speculation that the “him” in the song was Wallen kicked off when she posted about the song on Instagram while wearing University of Tennessee team shirt belonging to Wallen, and the two began commenting on each other’s posts.

In February, Moroney spoke with ET Canada, and was asked whether Wallen was the inspiration for the hit single.

“That’s a good possibility. For sure,” she said, remaining coy.

Asked about the whether the shirt belonged to Wallen, Moroney confirmed, “That is his shirt.”

She added at the time, “I’m always gonna write based on personal experiences. That’s where I get all my inspiration, is things that I’ve gone through.”

In a new interview with People, Moroney shared that the dating rumours had made her “really uncomfortable,” though she is also “glad people care” so much about her music.

“I’m not the kind of person that likes to talk about things like that. All my songs are about people,” she explained.

“‘Tennessee Orange’ is a very nice song, but if I told people who it’s about, then they would ask me who ‘Sleep on My Side’ is about,” Moroney continued, laughing, “I can’t tell you that because it’s not a nice song!”

Finally, the 25-year-old singer added, “ ‘Tennessee Orange’ taught me is that I never want to hint at who my songs are about, ever again!”

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