Week 1 | Women’s Health Program @ Our Clinic w/ Chelsea



My name is Chelsea and maybe that rings a bell and maybe it doesn’t as I tend to work behind the scenes for Country 104. My official title is Promotions Co-ordinator and what that means is I am responsible for all those sweet prizes you get the chance of winning on the radio station. You’ve most likely seen me around at Trackside Music Festival, Boots & Hearts, CMAO events, and lots more!




If I were to describe my body type it would be “definitely enjoys her wine and pasta”. Currently I exercise once or twice a week (more if you count dancing around to Thomas Rhett around the house) and make a valiant effort to eat something green at least once a day. But truly my heart lies with anything soft, anything covered in cheese and especially anything made with sugar. I can out drink any man, even those twice my size and I also medicate with cannabis regularly to help with managing my anxiety.


Although I generally feel pretty healthy I know there is much room for improvement and am ready to become a stronger, fitter and more empowered version of myself.




Our Clinic is a health care facility located just west of Masonville Mall in London. They specialize in innovative and individual focused programs. What’s unique about Our Clinic is that they tailor their program to fit their patients and prioritize their needs. They understand that each client is different and has different needs. I am so excited to be starting their 10 Week Women’s Health Program and hope that by following my journey it will inspire you to take your health into your hands. Plus it’d be great if you could cheer me on!


Week 1 – Getting Started

One of the first things to appreciate about Our Clinic is that it was super easy to find (WIN!) because sometimes getting somewhere is half the battle. Once inside, I was greeted by the friendly staff who got some major street cred for having Country 104 playing. Then next step was to sit down with one of their experts to assess my over all health and to go over my personal health and fitness goals.


What really stood out was how they made me feel. When chatting it felt like this could have been a lunch date with one of my girlfriends. It did not feel like your typical doctor’s visit. They really listened to what I had to say and it made me feel comfortable to have an honest conversation with them about my health. I opened up about my not-so-good-habits (like eating copious amounts of peanut butter when my husband isn’t home) and that a lot of the time I feel unmotivated to exercise. Our Clinic never made me feel guilty and actually reassured me that this behavior was absolutely normal.


We figured out what my big health goals were over the next 10 weeks:

1. Find out why I keep getting colds and what I can do to prevent them
2. Find out what my blood type is and cater my diet to my blood type (which is apparently what you are suppose to do!?)
3. Improve my overall fitness and slim down a little SO I have a excuse to buy a new wardrobe
4. Learn more about using cannabis and cannabis products to help with my anxiety and sleep (what a world we live in that this is a thing doctors can help me with!)
5. I get shoulder pain and stiffness from my boobs (I am well endowed lol) so the Our Clinic team is going to teach me some stretches and movements to help my shoulders carry these puppies around easier!


So this is exciting – we have a plan to help me get healthier and have more energy, and so far it doesn’t look like I have to cut out any of the things I love (cheese, pasta, chocolate, wine, etc). Next week is my fitness assessment with the Our Clinic Team (which should be a hot, embarrassing mess) and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!