Week 2 | Women’s Health Program @ Our Clinic w/ Chelsea

Week 2 | Exercise is GOOD!?


This week at Our Clinic was all about my personal fitness! If I had a spirit animal, it would be something cuddly and cute BUT SLOW. Like a sloth or a chubby bunny. So needless to say that I was dreading this part of the program BUT I had no reason too! I had thought that the Fitness Assessment would make me do a whole bunch of running and burpies, but it was actually pretty easy and the staff were super encouraging and helpful.


We did a great assortment of stretches and body weight workouts to see just how un-fit I really am!


WALK TEST – Quick 6 minute walk up and down the hallway at Our Clinic to see how fast I can walk and how I am able to keep pace


STRETCH TEST – To see if I am able to touch my toes (I can) and test my flexibility


SIT UP TEST – Sit ups are never very fun, but I only had to do them for 30 seconds and I only had to go past my knees with my hands which made it a lot easier but still gave me a good work out


PUSH UP TEST – Believe it or not, I actually did THE BEST with this test. I did a beautiful 16 push ups in 30 seconds. My high school gym teacher would be so proud!


SIT DOWN TEST – Exactly what it sounds like, I sat up and then I sat down. I had to do as many as possible in 30 seconds


BALANCE TEST – I really struggled with this one (I was never a ballerina as a little girl). We had to stand on each foot for only 45 seconds without wiggling or faulting



Once I was done with the fitness team at Our Clinic, it was time to meet with their amazing in house Kinesiologist to see how on track my body movement is – THIS SO FAR HAS BEEN THE MOST EYE OPENING THING OF MY EXPERIENCE WITH OUR CLINIC SO FAR.


I am pretty lucky in the sense that I have never broken a bone or had a major surgery and I tend not to have any issues with body pain, BUT thanks to the amazing team at Our Clinic, we discovered that I actually have a weak and unbalanced neck and shoulders from LOOKING DOWN AT MY CELL PHONE and SITTING at a desk in the office all day! Turns out that my neck tends to extend forward and down (kinda like ET) rather than straight on my shoulders where it should be.


so the team showed me some simple and awesome stretches I can do at home with a blank wall and some rubber bands (you can buy them off amazon for a great price!


They also made me aware of how important it is to have a good posture when you work in an office! You gotta keep everything at 90 degrees (check out the diagram below). I’ve printed it out and pinned it to my desk so I can remind myself to straighten my back and shoulders whenever possible!