Week 3 – Womens Health Program @ Our Clinic w/ Chelsea

After a week long vacation in beautiful Jamaica, I was ready to jump back into the Women’s Health Program at Our Clinic and give it my all!


Week three has been the most challenging week so far. Why? It was my first week with the amazing Our Clinic personal trainer Sarah! If anyone has ever met Sarah – she is super adorable and fun. Even when she is making you do burpees!


My fitness focus was to get stronger and slim down as much as I can, so Sarah built me the following workout plan for me to do over the next couple of weeks. I need to do this 3 x per week with cardio on my days off to achieve my goals.


My first cycle was actually kinda fun! I felt fit and did not find it too challenging, I even upped the weights with some of my lifts and swings. The second cycle was a whole different story! Sarah totally whipped my butt. When you think “Personal Trainer” you usually think of a large, buff man yelling at you to go faster, but one of the things I appreciated THE MOST about working with Sarah at Our Clinic is that whenever I was slowing down she would encourage me and cheer me on (AND make me laugh). It was just like hitting up the gym with a girlfriend.



After I got hot and sweaty with Sarah, I was sent to Our Clinic’s Dietitian – Emily! Emily was super nice. What I loved most about my time with her is that she did not make me feel guilty for having a treat meal (once or twice, or even 7 times a week).  Before my meeting with Emily, I was asked to record everything I ate for a full 7 days. My average days looked like this:


BREAKFAST – Plain greek yogurt w/ chocolate protien powder and peanut butter.
LUNCH – Chicken breast w/ broccoli and 1/3 cup of brown rice.
Dinner – All beef Meatballs with fresh spinach and 1/3 of brown rice


So before you judge me and go “Chelsea!! You eat so clean and well! Why do you have the same body as Winnie the Pooh?


In 7 days I also had….cupcakes, Twizzlers, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, blizzard from Dairy Queen, McFlurry from McDonalds, iced tea AND significant amounts of wine & whiskey. So after reviewing all this with Emily, we came up with the following goals for my diet for the next couple of weeks


  1. I wast eating TOO MUCH protein – like most couples, I eat the same things as my significant other (who is trying to beef up like Joe Rogan) but for someone with my body type and activity level, I was eating more than enough protein!
  2. I don’t eat fruit. Like at all (unless you count wine…which technically has grapes?). So my goal for this week was to try to eat at least 2-3 servings of fruit a day.
  3. Drink water. There were some days where I went to bed and realized that all I had to drink that day was coffee and alcohol. So I went to Costco and invested in some good water bottles!
  4. Limit my “Treat Meals” to 3 per week. This I LOVED. If Emily had told me that I had to go a while week with ZERO treat meals, I would 100% have cheated on my diet and lied to her about it BUT she says I get three whole treats.