Week 6 – Womens Health Program at Our Clinic

Hey everyone – it’s me Chelsea!


Don’t worry – I’m still going strong with Our Clinic’s 10 Week Health Program! We’re taking on everything from personalized workouts, to healthy and sustainable meals and snacks. Don’t forget tho – a healthy person isn’t just working out and eating well, you gotta take care of your mental health as well!


This week I met with the awesome mental health counselor named Vanessa at Our Clinic and it was a great experience! Talking to a mental health expert can sometimes seem scary and unnecessary but it’s the complete opposite! I felt super comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole session and best of all – I felt like I could share ANYTHING!


In general I am a pretty open person (just ask my co-workers) and I tend to OVER SHARE but it was pretty cool oversharing and having a professional talk back to you with their intake (not really an important point, but Vanessa also has really cool tattoos and seems overall way cooler than I thought a psychologist would be) . We talked about my relationship with food (…like why should I NOT binge eat Dairy Queen blizzards if I have a bad day) and the importance of a work life balance. One of the tips she gave me was meditating!





I know what you’re thinking – meditating is for hippies! That was my first thought, but Vanessa explained to me that it’s not just sitting cross legged on the floor chanting – it could be clearing your mind while going for a walk in the woods, it could be listen to music while you cook or even something as simple as having a comfy sit on your couch and closing your eyes. Another important thing to know when you try meditation for the first time is that IT’S OKAY IF YOU GET DISTRACTED AND YOUR MIND WONDERS. It does not mean you “failed” it just means you gotta try and focus your mind on doing absolutely nothing!


Below is a fun little video that Vanessa showed me online that has 5 easy steps to mediating! Another trick I found to help me was to listen to soothing ocean sounds (if oceans are not your thing, there are also great rain forest or thunderstorm 1 hour tracks on Apple Music or Spotify).