Week 7-womens-health-program-at-our-clinic


Week 7 ALREADY? Our Clinic’s amazing 10 week health program is going by amazingly fast! So far I am LOVING the program, but like all things in life, I had my first set back this week (lucky number 7 my a$s) and we learned a very important lesson – WEIGHT SCALES ARE EVIL AND DON’T MEAN ANYTHING.



So for 7 weeks I have been eating clean and working out 2 – 3 times a week and I feel AMAZING! I have a ton more energy (thanks fruit!) and when I work out I get a lot less winded that I used to feel (YAY not wanting to barf after cardio anymore) BUT this week I weighed myself and discovered that I WEIGH THE EXACT SAME AS WHEN I STARTED!!!





My first thoughts were – CRAP!! I am failing. I have been doing all this work and doing all these things but WHY OH WHY is my number the same? I was pretty upset and generally felt disappointed in myself for not working out harder or for having those treat meals here and there. I drank a bottle of wine in self loathing and felt pretty sorry for myself. What got me out of my funk? MY AMAZING FRIENDS AND CO-WORKERS!


Seriously. If you guys have a good support system of friends and family, don’t be afraid to reach out with questions and concerns when it comes to your fitness, WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. I talked to my friends Liz, Dunner and Monique who all put a lot of focus and energy into their own fitness and health and they reassured me that the scale means NOTHING when it comes to being a woman and working out.  I shared with them my workout and food plans and they helped me realized that I actually GAINED MUSCLE and that’s why my number on the scale is the same. That’s what happens when you lift weights and do squats several times a week, I am turning into a lean, mean, muscular machine!! I also brought up my concerns to my trainer at Our Clinic named Sarah and she helped me realized that even tho my number on the evil dreaded scale has stayed the same, I’ve actually lost inches in my tummy, waist and arms!




So what did I learn this week and what advice do I have on improving your own mental and physical health? THROW AWAY THE SCALE. It’s evil and does not know anything. You are a person, you have a brain! Judge your health based on how you FEEL and not on the number on the scale. You are beautiful and perfect the way you are!