Music ‘N Arts Collide: Christmas Concert & Benefit

Enjoy a delightfully fun afternoon with top entertainers in a new collaborative of legendary and popular musicians sharing the stage to bring to you an engaging Christmas performance that will be fun for the whole family. Sarah Smith and Brian Good (of the legendary Good Brothers) perform Christmas Songs and Pop hits bringing in the holiday cheer. Behind them is a 16 ft backdrop, a huge canvas that comes to life as Paul Murray known as the painter with “a Brush of Light” -in minutes- he works his magic on several paintings throughout the show. This Christmas event is so well orchestrated that paint & song blend seamlessly in harmony. It’s an uplifting holiday special for the entire family, It’s been heard Santa may drop-in too!
Joining these veterans will be a few local artists, dancers and actors that will assist artist or perform during the show. Having this young talent participate in the event is critical to the purpose of the show. Their hope is to inspire and mentor young artists to follow their dreams. These great entertainers will have you laughing, gasping and singing along in a night full of delightful surprises. The music industry is a buzz with this new harmonized combination, and they are receiving offers from iconic musicians of all generations that want to be apart of this show. “We’ve just confirmed a surprise appearance in Windsor, by one of Canada’s foremost musicians, who’s toured with the best in the world. Overall this show is a great new way of enjoying a holiday evening out with family or to have that office party to remember. The reviews call it “inspirational, funny and full of Christmas magic”.
Murray’s fine art can sell for up to $50,000, and he’s been awarded in top exhibits and museums across North America, England & recently France. The stage paintings take mere minutes and are done with such expertise that one can almost feel the soul in each one. Seeing a painting being created before your eyes is neat, but you can take them home with the silent auction, in support of Make-a-Wish and Ronald McDonald House and their plans to do mentoring tours in Ontario schools. These successful artists know what it takes to follow their dreams and want to share that with today’s youth. These artists want to reinforce that being different, being original, is a good way to be. For those with challenges in life that may make it difficult to follow their dreams, Make-a-Wish & Ronald McDonald House can help them get there.
These great Canadian entertainers Brian Good of “The Good Brothers”, Sarah Smith and artist Paul Murray – are excited about working together to share this one-of-a-kind tour with theaters and schools across Ontario – They are hoping to inspire young aspiring artists. There will be a pre-show discovery session and meet in greet at each show to talk to aspiring artists with VIP or Discover passes. We are fostering youth in the arts in hopes to help others follow their dreams”, “Murray said, “We are so lucky to live our dreams daily. We want to help others and hope this powerful yet intimate way help future artists reach their potential as well.” This “Pass it Forward Project” has been received with great enthusiasm with teachers & students. “We love including youth in the performances, we get to working with them, and share the energy & joy of doing what you love.
The Talent – Sarah Smith’s voice has just the right amount of gravel to rock out, but you can sense her heart, her soul and her passion. Her influencers are Etheridge, Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin. You hear only Sarah Smith, a woman who thrives on music, performing and people…and she has fun doing it! She started playing piano & singing in public by age 5. Originally from Arthur this country girl is just back from a successful European & eastern Canada tour and she’s looking forward to sharing her Christmas spirit with her new CD “A Christmas Wish”.
Brian Good of “The Good Brothers” is premiering his first ever Solo CD “Good as Gold” on this tour. Brian Good picked up a guitar at age 10 he and twin brother Bruce Good have toured together their entire lives. “I’m honoured to be apart of this new concept of sharing the stage with a visual artist. It’s a wonderful harmony having these two arts intertwine. I’m excited to share my first solo CD ever & at the same time I can help others get the chance to reach their dreams.” This record-breaking star has won the JUNO’s 8 consecutive times and both the U.S. & Canadian “Country Music Hall of Fame.” “I’m very excited to be part of the ‘Music ‘n Arts Collide Ontario tour’,” said Good. “The concept is exciting – Murray’s high caliber art and his dedication to always give back is extraordinary,” said Good Originally from Richmond Hill area, he has fans as great as Gordon Lightfoot and George Jones.
For Paul Murray, an internationally award-winning fine artist, this performance mind twisting magic with his paintbrush. He’s performed this for 180 countries at the opening ceremonies at the World Championships opening ceremonies. Murray’s been selling his art since age 11, is known to be a hermit, but you’ll find him haming it up on stage as the audience tries to figure his next move. “I’ve tried to reinvent my painting into a suspense filled performance art” said Murray. My fine art can take many months, here I paint icons on 4ft to 8 ft canvases in minutes. This kind of painting can be physically and mentally taxing, and I’m surprised that I love the entertaining part so much. When I’m done, there’s paint & glitter flying everywhere!” Murray is donating a FREE Santa print to every VIP purchase to help the cause.