ARF- Pawlooza 2019

Join Country 104 on Saturday August 17th at the Plunkett Estate for PAWLOOZA!

PAWLOOZA is the ultimate dog party…a festival for dogs and animal lovers!

When is Pawlooza?

Pawlooza takes place on International Homeless Animals’ Day – the third Saturday in August- from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. This year’s Festival is on Saturday, August 17th, 2019.

Things to do at Pawlooza?

Take your dog dock diving, go swimming in the Pawlooza pond, test your dog’s agility, run the lure course, go offleash in the FunZone, play frisbee in our toss+catch zone, get trick advice, get obedience advice, watch agility demonstrations, visit our VIP lounge… shop from 175 vendors, get great deals by bidding on silent auction items, and load up on free samples. We’ve packed as much fun into one day as possible… there isn’t a better place to spoil your dog!

Admission fee

Admission is $10 per vehicle, parking included, and all for charity. So, be sure to car pool and pack as many people and dogs into your car as you can! It only happens once a year!

Where do the proceeds go?

Pawlooza is a 100% volunteer-driven festival. Thousands of hours are put into the festival by the Organizing Committee and 300 volunteers. All are working on behalf of two local non-profits – .

What is International Homeless Animals’ Day?

The International Society of Animal Rights (ISAR) began National Homeless Animals’ Day in 1992, to help bring more attention to America’s pet overpopulation. The day – celebrated on the third Saturday of August – has since morphed into a global campaign, with animal rights organizations around the world coming together to raise awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic. To learn about International Homeless Animals’ Day, visit:

Why are there so many animal rescue and animal welfare groups at Pawlooza?

In honour of International Homeless Animals’ Day, Pawlooza has partnered with animal rescue groups from across Canada. These rescue groups are given free space to come to Pawlooza, show off their adoptables, fundraise, network, and help raise awareness about Canada’s pet overpopulation. For more information on Canada’s homeless pet epidemic or how you can help a local rescue or animal welfare group, view our ‘help a rescue’ page.